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Unique Primtiques Rustic Farmhouse Bookcase

SIZE IN PHOTO: 12" deep x 28" wide x 36" high & 8d x 25w x 35h
COLOR IN PHOTO: Weathered Gray / Distressed Country White / Dark Walnut

Made from reclaimed wood & Top Choice Douglas Fir from the forests of the
Pacific North West & Canadian forests using responsible forestry practices!

Our suppliers support the protection and conservation of forests. Guided by
our wood policy, we seek to ensure that all wood products sold in our Etsy shop
are harvested responsibly, from well-managed, nonendangered forests.

We continue to support the Lacey Act, an effort to end illegal logging
globally and support the American Forests and the National Park Foundation.

CUSTOM ORDERS ON SIZE/COLOR ALSO WELCOME! Larger sizes may be a higher cost,
see our other Etsy shop listings or message us for a custom listing.

PLEASE NOTE: This item has an average build time of 3-4 weeks, Etsy will show
a scheduled ship date upon purchase with an ESTIMATED ship date. We try to make
sure we meet these estimated dates BUT sometimes heavy volume sales can cause
us to be behind a few days while other times items may ship a few days earlier
than scheduled. We provide tracking numbers the day of shipment!



See more art here: https://fineartamerica.com/artists/scottdvanosdolfinearts

Scott D. Van Osdol took private art studies for a few years, starting at the
very young age of 8, from a Brown County, Indiana artist and won the Eulula
Gray scholarship in Arts (the largest scholarship available in Arts) for
Vincennes University at the age of 17. He has a great passion for animals and
wild connection and love of the great outdoors! His vibrant, colorful art can
be found all over the world and especially in many small coastal shops,
beachside rentals and high-end coastal homes up and down the eastern coastline
of the beautiful shores of the United States.

As a child he was influenced heavily by his family's outdoor camping and
fishing trips as well as vacations to the Florida coastline. Scott has since
returned many times with his own family and regularly goes on kayaking,
fishing, camping and hiking adventures with his wife and children. Scott runs a
full-time rustic furniture business called Unique Primtiques here on Etsy with
thousands of sales and 5-star feedback. His tremendous love for nature and the
great outdoors keeps him connected to his rustic furniture and home décor

He started working with wood at a young age with his father in a small
workshop and grew up in the hills of Brown County, Indiana deep in the woods on
40-acres helping his father cut trees and pull branches to brush piles for
burning. He joined his schools woodworking shop classes in the 7th grade at the
age of 12 and took woodworking & metal working classes through junior high and
focused just on woodworking during high school 7th-12th grade. Scott was
refurbishing vintage and mid-century furniture for locals here in southern
Indiana and his creations and woodworking became overwhelmingly popular. He
decided to leave his job in 2007 after his battle with cancer and start his own
full-time woodworking business. He joined Etsy in 2012 after selling locally
for several years and his Etsy shop sales and popularity have continued to grow
substantially each year. He now makes custom tables for the world famous
Sephora Cosmetics, is a licensed vendor making rustic wood displays for Kroger
Grocery stores, countless interior designers, doctors offices and restaurants
tables along with daily furniture for homes across the USA!

Scott D Van Osdol is also a Stage-IV colon cancer survivor and has been
cancer-free since 2007, a skilled musician that on the piano and guitar since
the age of 4, and an author of a book called "Never Ending Dreams".


furniture from new, reclaimed and often times distressed wood. Expect knots,
cracks, dents, dings, marks, discolorations. In most cases we make sure the
piece has some of all of the above. All of our pieces are handmade one at a
time. We love doing what we do and it shows!

Variations in size, color and texture are common occurrences in reclaimed wood
and should not be considered as defects. Such features as old saw marks, nail
or worm holes, uneven boards, sunspots etc. are what make these tables unique
and special. While every precaution has been taken in our finishing process to
prevent movement in the wood, fine splits, warping, wobbles may occur as the
wood adjusts to new conditions of your home. Please realize that your computer
monitor settings may show colors different than ours, some photos are taken on
bright sunny days, others on cloudy days, some under inside artificial
lighting, some on snow covered days outside. People see colors differently.
What may look like aqua blue to myself may look like teal blue to you. We allow
our customers to send us a paint brand name/color name and/or color code to use
on your order at no extra charge and because of this we do NOT refund on any
color issues as we will purchase and use the exact paint or stain color you
tell us to use. All color changes must be in the payment note area during
checkout, not in back and forth message threads, emails, phone convo's, texts
or social media pages, to help us avoid any missed communication with a color
change! Size changes must be approved by us first through Etsy messaging only
and the left in the payment note area during checkout through the listing link
you are instructed to use or through a special custom listing link created just
for your custom sizing! Just message us through the listing link you like best
with the size and coloring you need!

Our pieces are constructed of solid wood and have experienced the changing
seasons, it is likely that you will see shrinkage and expansion . Sometimes you
might even see small cracks and splits. Since we strive to have our pieces
reflect the feeling of actual antiques, our customers must understand that our
furniture could have the same tendency to warp, contract, expand, or split.
These similarities between antiques and our furniture may not be desired but
should be expected and tolerated. Our furniture is made out of a material that
was once alive, and it will always have some seasonal movement. Normal problems
such as these should not be repaired as they reflect the nature of such an
authentically made reproduction. We build ALL of our furniture complete before
painting/staining and taking back apart and labeling pieces for shipment.
Nothing is ever cut and pre-drilled without continuing to be built complete,
this way there is never a missing piece or misaligned screw/nail holes or wrong
sized leg, major wobbles and so forth.

DECOR. We sell high quality, hand-made items and try our best to make each
piece like the photos of the previous one we've created but they are again
HAND-MADE items, each one WILL be different in its own way and may not be an
exact match to the photo. Each piece will grow to have its own personality, and
will be UNIQUE in its own way! Welcome to Unique Primtiques!


Brand: UniquePrimtiques
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