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Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {1}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {2}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {3}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {4}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {5}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {6}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {7}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {1}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {2}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {3}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {4}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {5}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {6}
Pine Wood Bookshelf,  Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf {7}

Pine Wood Bookshelf, Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf

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Pine Wood Bookshelf, Mid Century Modern Bookshelf, Shelving Unit, Rustic Bookcase, Floating bookshelf

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It is made of fired solid pine wood. Water-based wood preservative has been
applied for your health. The product is sent as disassembled, it is very easy
to install, mounting apparatus and installation guide are inside the product.
There may be slight color and pattern differences in our products due to the
condition of the tree, the light and contrast differences in the photo shooting
and the cutting situation. Due to the nature of the tree, there may be knots,
grains, cracks and deformed sections in wood products, as well as cracking over
time, and there may be differences of up to 1-2 cm in product dimensions during
the cutting and sizing of the tree, these are not caused by the production
error, but from the naturalness of the wood products.
Product sizes:
Width: 125 cm
Height: 180 cm
Depth: 30 cm
Tree Thickness: 2 cm.
The accessories used in the photograph are not included in the product and are
not sold. These accessories are used for decoration purposes.

Why are handmade products more valuable?
The fact that many things become fabricated today causes the products and
goods we buy into our living space to be of no value and that our lives become
ordinary with these goods. The fact that a product you buy does not have any
extra value for you can naturally cause you to feel guilty about your shopping.
However, on the one hand, there is a mass that stands with this kind of
handmade products and values these handmade products. There are many points
that make handmade products special.
These products contain creativity revealed by human nature
Although there is a design and creativity behind the fabricated products,
those who produce handmade products transfer a piece of themselves to these
products. The fact that a master adds something to a product shows that the
product has been carefully prepared and this product has been produced with a
more creative approach.
A handmade product cannot have any other equivalent and cannot be imitated
Even if the same master produces more than one product, each product will be
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Everything is better with personal touches
Imagine getting a gift from a person you love. The value of this gift is
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Handmade products are more durable
Costs are lower in mass production; however, in order to keep these costs low
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the materials used. However, high quality and durable materials are mostly used
in handmade products. The fact that the product can last for a long time is
also important for the person producing this product. Because this product is
also a work of art for him, and the master wants this work to last for a long
Certain skills are required for handmade items
You must have some skills to produce a handmade product. Acquiring these
skills develops and completes as a result of long-term studies. You cannot
create these products without any manual skills. Long working periods to
acquire and acquire these abilities also make the hand made products more
7 different reasons to turn to handmade products
The value of handmade products is much higher compared to fabricated and mass
productions; however, there are many good reasons for this to happen.
Especially in recent years, consumers want to buy special products, developing
their perspective on nature-protecting products, and realizing that the
products produced by hand rather than mass production personally have more
value, increases the interest in handmade products.

As WoodCraftGiftShop, we think that handmade products carry more value than
mass production and fabricated products. We work to make the products we create
unique by reflecting our feelings to our designs on the making of each product.
But there are other reasons for you to turn to handmade products.
1. Handmade products protect nature
Handmade products are more environmentally friendly as they do not go through
the fabrication process. Since less energy is used in energy consumption
compared to mass production, natural resource consumption of handmade products
is also less.
2. Handmade products are unique
Although the same designs are used in making handmade products, the resulting
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3. The personal value of handmade products is higher
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4. Handmade products are unusual
The fabricated and mass produced products do not have their own structure and
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5. You feel more special when you buy handmade products
When you buy a handmade product, you start to feel more special. When you buy
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6. Handmade products create new jobs
There are many people who want to start their own business and want to sell
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7. Handmade products reflect the human touch
Another feature of handmade products is that they reflect the personal touch
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Sitting Group Selection
One of the most important details that will make a guest feel comfortable for
visiting your home is your seating group. If your sofa and armchairs are large
and comfortable, the guest can feel comfortable. However, no one feels
comfortable at home with very high quality and expensive furniture. Therefore,
even if you have stylish furniture, furniture that looks valuable will not be
guest friendly.
Center Table Selection
One of the most important features of a hospitable home is a coffee table
close to a comfortable seating group. Take care to choose your coffee table
among useful models. A coffee table with products such as magazines, photo
albums and books will make people have fun.
Creating Extra Seating Areas
Choosing a chair is also important for a hospitable home decoration work. Have
different areas for your guests to sit in your home. The chairs you use in your
home will be a useful solution. In addition, you can evaluate seating options
such as cushions.
Positioning the Table Correctly
Dinner is always crowded in a hospitable house. If you want to bring time with
your friends for dinner at home, position your table correctly. Choose a table
position and layout where people feel comfortable. You can also color your
table with the selection of glasses, plates and objects.
Tidy Home Environment
No one you know will want to visit an unorganized, messy house all the time.
Because a guest who comes to the messy house may think he's coming at the wrong
time. That's why you should take care to eliminate all unnecessary items. A
neat and clean home will always be a welcoming choice.
Lighting Scheme
Lighting affects the psychology of people in the environment. That's why you
can create a warm atmosphere with lighting while doing home decoration work.
You can use the professionalism of to create an attractive home for your guests.
Since there has been a lot of transition from home to working system recently,
lighting choices are also important when doing home decoration work. Although
many people do not consider lighting as important in interior decoration,
lighting is a very important process in interior spaces.
Lighting is a vital element in interior architecture. Wrong lighting causes
the space to lose its personality and atmosphere. For those who have to work
from home, lighting should be done correctly. The right lighting will enable
you to focus and work more efficiently.Keep your table close to the glass
In order to find a natural light space, your table must first be by the
window. Your table should be by the window, a choice that will both reduce your
electricity bills and improve your mood.
If you position your desk to receive natural light, your working efficiency
will increase and your mood will improve. The area with the most natural light
by the glass will also eliminate your eye strain.

Use Wall Lighting in Small Homes
In small homes, the selection of tables may be small or there may not be
enough space on your desk. In order to prevent this situation, if you do not
have space on your desk, you should have aesthetic and practical wall lighting.
Instead of using lighting on the tables to make an aesthetic choice on your
table, you can make your decor more aesthetic with wall lighting.
Choose the Right Bulb
Choosing the right bulb is very important. Especially if you have a small
table, a light bulb hanging from above will provide effective lighting. You can
also arrange your electricity bills by choosing energy saving light bulbs. Bare
bulbs, which will be a decorative option, will provide a soft shadow with
Use Table Lamps
Table lamp is also an effective choice for those who work from home while
doing home decoration work. You don't always have to be official. You can bring
your own style to your work environment with lamps of different colors and
shapes. In this way, you can turn your work area into a place where you feel
If you want to make changes in your home decoration by considering your
working from home situation, you can create a spacious atmosphere in your home
by using the right lighting options while creating the home office environment
you dream of. Tables, which can be square, rectangular, round or oval, must be
chosen in the right size in order to be placed correctly in the space. If you
have a small space for the dining area, extendable rectangular tables will be
life-saving. In order to save space, especially in a square-shaped space, the
illusion of the shape of the space can be made by using rectangular forms, and
it can be shown more spacious.
Rounded tables can be a great advantage in creating a stylish space on their
own. However, for this, the fact that the space is a little wider provides an
advantage in perceiving the table as a strong figure on its own.
The teammate chairs of the table are expected to be in harmony, although they
do not necessarily have the same characteristics as the table in terms of
color, texture or structural sense. Although there is no specific rule for
this, the style you want to capture will shed light on this issue. It is
reasonable to examine the chair criteria in several categories, for example:
For a comfortable session, you should choose chairs with armrests and fabric
upholstery, but do not forget that the armrest will increase the width of the
If you want to make a little more difference, you can place two chairs with
armrests on rectangular tables and chairs without armrests on long sides.i
If your intention is to take the difference a few steps further, then you can
define 3 separate seating units in a 6-seat chair group
Food Service Storage and Accessory Display Areas
A product near the dining table to accompany the dining table and store
serving utensils will provide great convenience. For this, you can proceed
according to the storage space requirement. A lightweight system like the
Dresuar can help create less storage space, but a simpler and more decorative
corner. Buffet-cantilever products are functional elements with more indoor
In living room design, dining areas are mostly located in areas that receive
less light than the sitting area. At this stage, both stylish and brighter
dining rooms can be achieved with supportive lighting products, bright and
reflective surfaces. An elegant lamp shade to be placed on an impressive
dresser behind the dining table, a wide mirror positioned behind it; it will
make the place look bright, spacious and wider than it is.
The large vases you will use on the table, ceramic products made of several
pieces and candle holders will help you create an eye-catching dining room.
Beautify Your Walls with Home Accessories!
We mentioned above that human beings made the first structures. At that time,
the wall was really important, especially in terms of defense. Today, in
addition to its defense function, it has many functions in terms of aesthetics
and as a home to different home accessories. Today we'll go over how to design
different home accessories on our walls.

Before choosing the home accessory that we will place on the wall, we must
definitely consider the color of the wall of our house. So, to give an example
now, if we buy an accessory in blue tones on the blue wall, we may not be able
to see it again after placing that accessory on the wall. For this reason, we
should choose an accessory that can match the color of our wall. You can search
our site for this color harmony according to the color of your wall and have an
idea about which color your wall will match and look stylish. Now we call
different home accessories for your wall, what are these accessories? When it
comes to wall accessories, wall clock and painting, photo frames, a mirror, a
jigsaw you have finished, a lamp, a shelf, and even a poster you hang up are
among the wall accessories. For the home accessory you prefer here, it would be
appropriate to choose the accessory that is not in your home or you feel
Minimalist Home Decoration
Minimalism is a trend that emphasizes simplicity in many areas of life from
architecture, music to art and home decoration. Although minimalism basically
emphasizes simplicity, it would be wrong to define it only with this. Of
course, we can achieve a simple, unpretentious, luxurious, modern or more
elegant look with minimalist home decoration. The styles to be applied in
decoration may vary according to your taste, style and point of view. With a
minimalist perspective, you can capture a decorative line that prioritizes
simplicity. While creating a minimalist environment, color selection is also
very important. You can use gray color, warm tones and complementary colors
together. If you want a classic minimalist home decoration, more white, gray
and black tones should be preferred. If you want to add some color and get an
area where the eye will get used to it more easily, you can add anthracite and
gold tones to the warm grays with yellow tones. In this way, you can add a
minimalist atmosphere to your home with the colors and accessories you want.
Industrial Home Decoration
Industrial home design first started to appear in New York in the late
sixties. This home design was a new idea for people who wanted to decorate a
different style of home. High ceilings, metal pipes, unpainted walls, bricks
stand out as indispensable elements of industrial design. Since then, abandoned
spaces, where warehouses and old factories were not used, began to be turned
into homes with decorations. The most important issue in industrial design is
to create a decoration in accordance with the spirit and taste of the place to
be designed. In industrial home decoration, nothing should be hidden and should
be shown openly. Beams, pipes, bricks should all be in mind. If you decide to
apply this style in our home, you should try not to hide such building
features. Metal, wood, wood and concrete are abundant in industrial decoration.
Accessories made of these materials are among the determining factors of the
decoration. The dominant colors in industrial design are shades of gray, black
and brown.
Modern Home Decoration
With the spirit of the times changing from past to present, home decors have
become an important factor that almost everyone cares about. Modern home
decoration is one of today's frequently preferred home decoration styles. These
have the theme of simplicity. Use straight lines as much as possible to apply
modern home decoration that embraces comfort and simplicity at home. Choose
items, accessories and furniture that do not have too many details. All details
are located in the focus of simplicity and shaped accordingly. Accordingly,
exaggerated, assertive details and excesses are not observed, but simplicity is
tried to be kept at the forefront. Being simple does not mean that modern
decorations will not include accessories. A successful arrangement will bring
elegance out of simplicity. Furniture with simple and comfortable designs,
accessories, lighting, color selection are perfect for modern decorations. The
style of the decoration is largely determined by the choice of color. In modern
decoration, white, chrome, gray and black will generally be the ideal color
choices for your home.
Scandinavian Home Decoration
While most people think of a Scandinavian style decoration, white walls, large
leaf plants, wooden floors and furniture, of course, there is much more than
that. The trend that made Scandinavian design one of the world's leading
decoration styles in the early 21st century actually started at the end of the
19th century. Scandinavian peoples standing out with their differences in
design concepts; With its simple, neutral, unpretentious and striking minimal
home decorations, the most attention of simplicity lovers is home decoration
style. Furniture made of wood is mainly used in Scandinavian home decoration.
Furniture used other than wood is mostly white. When these furniture are
handled, they will be easily noticed with straight lines and elegant
transitions, although they are simple. We are talking about a very plain look
because it is a northern style. For this reason, prints that do not tire the
eyes are preferred. In addition to being at the forefront of Scandinavian home
decoration design, high ceiling applications should be at the forefront of the
natural feeling. In general, gray, powder, white and red tones are some of the
colors you can choose when decorating a Scandinavian home.
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